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F3-Cleveland | March 22, 2019

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11.01.18 Breaksville Backblast

  • When: 11/01/18
  • QIC: Donut
  • The PAX: Mayor Flip, Donut, Bedpan, Lazarus, Flamingo, El Chapo, Voulez Vous

7PAX met in the gloom, 


Mosey thru parking toward stadium with karaoke, high knees and butt-kickers along the way. 

SSH IC x15

Tappy Taps IC x10

Toe-touches opposite hand to feet IC x10

Franken Walks IC x10

Turn and Bounce IC x10

Hammy stretch slowwww countdown from 10

Mosey to field, picking up cinder blocks along the way

The Thang:

Partner up, one team had 3.  

One partner does burpees while other runs ladder sprints (down and back) starting at 10 yards. Switch everytime sprinter gets back to goal line.  Partners go until 50 total burpees. 

100 total partner Merkins with ladder sprints

150 total partner squats with ladder sprints

200 total partner air presses with plank hold

150 total partner SSH with block curls

100 total jump-tucks with block swings

Indian Run 1x around football field

Put away blocks and head to pavilion tables 


Freddy Mercuries (bicycle) IC x15

Le Mason Twist IC x12

High flutters IC x15

One-legged clappers IC x11

LBC IC x20

Situps IC x10

Imperial Walkers IC x10


No specific prayer requests.  It was a rainy one…thanks to everyone that made it out. 

Pete Honsberger

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