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F3-Cleveland | March 22, 2019

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by the letter M and the number 22

  • When: 10/23/18
  • QIC: Haskell
  • The PAX: Coin, Trunchbull, Voulez Vous, Cochran, Donut, el Chappo, McDuck, Flamingo, Jake, V-Neck, Bedpan, Lazurus, Tapout, Haskell

While today was the day that I marked as beginning my 48th year in this world it is also a sad day as my neighbors, my friends, and my family say good by to Peter Nero.  Peter lost his life last week, at the age of 22 in a motorcycle accident.  His girlfriend lost her life too.  She was 19.  As fathers we often have these irrational fears.  Fear of losing our spouse, fear of losing a child.  When that fear is realized we all feel the pain.  Please pray for the Nero family.  Their loss, is our loss.

Today was a 22 themed work out.  My M and my 2.0 gave me this die o’pain last night and provided the meat of our beat down this morning.











We started with our mosey around the parking lot.  At the first turn we flipped around for a back-peddle, at the next turn we carioca away from the school, then we flipped that to carioca facing the school.

We circled up in the parking lot.  It’s great to see the growth!  The 14 PAX circled up for the warm-up:

22 x SSH

22 x Turn and Bounce

22 x Cotton Pickers aka “tappy taps?” or “Under the bridges?” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

5 slow count merkins

We then lined up in the parking lot where I gave a brief explanation of the Concentrica and the M’s relation to it.  I also explained why we would let the Die O’Pain influence our beat down.  I also had to explain that there are no water breaks, which was the first thing rolled… so we did the

Inch Worm for about 10 yards

Next roll,

15 x Butt Kicks

Next roll

15 Butt Kicks

Next roll

1 minute plank

Next roll

11 Burpees

Next Roll

22 merkins

11 Burpees

We then took our die o’ pain to the concession area where we did

22 step ups

1 minute wall sit

22 4 count incline merkins

1 minute wall sit


22 step ups

22 air presses

1 minute wall sit


22 air presses

Mosey to the guard rail for

22 Dips

Mosey to Mary

22 LBC’s

22 Low flutters

11 x Mason Twist

22 Low Dolly

Out with Superman

Nakedman Moleskin

  • Get your order in for our @Breaksville winter/spring kits… (1st edition Breaksville t-shirts)  See below for the design!  Thank you V-Neck for putting this together for us.
  • Great to see the growth as I stated!  Love to see so many #HIMs (High Impact Males) in our community.




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