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F3-Cleveland | March 22, 2019

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Mayor Flip’s Gauntlet


Today’s beatdown brought to you the letter “G”.

as in GO, you must GO there!

as in Glutes, Your GLUTES may burn!

as in Gauntlet, See below:

Disclaimer issued and we’re off to a mosey to the


36 x SSH

30 count Arm-circles

30 x Cotton Pickers

Mosey down the Hill of Sled for

8 x Step-ups each leg, OYO

20 x Dips

20 x incline merkins

Briefing on the GAUNTLET

Mosey to Mill Road

1st Telephone Pole

5 x Burpees

2nd Telephone Pole

10 x Merkins

3rd Telephone Pole

15 x Jump Lunges

4th Telephone Pole

20 x Air Squats

Repeato for total of 3 times

Mosey back to Guard Rail for

20 x Dips

20 x Incline Merkins


30 step sprint, 30 step jog, 30 step walk x 3 back to Voulez Vous hill for

20 x Dips

20 x Merkins

Quadraphillia to top

Mosey to Blocks

20 x Bent over Rows

10 x Squats

20 x Arm Curls

20 x Chest Press

Mosey to Mary

20 x V-ups

40 x LBC’s

30 x Mason Twists

30 x Low Flutter

30 x Low Dolly

5 x Spiderman Merkins

1 minute 30 Seconds Plank, right arm up, left arm up

Nakedman Moleskins

  • Haskell has the Ruck Q Tomorrow… come on out!
  • New Coffeeteria is open and very nice with some breakfast selections available
  • Let’s start thinking about our 1 year anniversary
  • ABEH (Always Be Headlocking (Emotional Headlocking!)

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