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F3-Cleveland | March 22, 2019

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steps and 7’s and sprints oh my!

  • When: 05/24/2018
  • QIC: Haskell
  • The PAX: Mayor Flip, Goose, Voulez Vous, Haskell

4 PAX met for something a little different.  Were there merkins?  YES!  Were there squats?  YES!  Were there burpees?  YES!  So what’s different?  Haskell was back and it all started with:

Mosey around the parking area interspersing the butt-kickers, some skip-to-ma-loo’s, and carioca to the concession area for the:


30 x SSH

20 x Turn and Bounce

20 x IST

Mosey to the Thang

stop at the parking lot for:

25 x Cross-hops, clockwise

25 x Cross-hops, counter-clockwise

Mosey to First set of steps for some:

Merkins up

20 x Squats

Derkins down

Peter Parkers up

Bunny hops down

Parker Peters up

Bunny Hops down

Gather at the landing strip for partner LBC’s and Suicides (and a BS call from the Mayor)

Mosey to top of the lil’baby hill

proceed to do the 7’s

1 x Burpee at top

Sprint down

6 x Merkins at bottom

Quad-ra-phillia up

Mosey to Far steps

bunny hop up

bunny hop down

bunny hop up

broad jump to next level steps

bunny hop up

broad jump to doors


Mosey to curb for

off-set merkins x 10 flapjack

mosey to parking lot light

Partner planks while other Partner box-jumps up x 10

Mosey to guardrail for 20 x dips

Mosey to mary

stop for some rope rail hop overs x 6

Mosey to mary


Haskell’s Mary Medley

10 x LBCs, 10 x Flutter Kicks, 10 x Low Dolly, 10 x Crunchy Frog, 10 x Mason Twist

These were done variable speed and uncertain transition timing, keep the PAX guessing.

Finish with Homer 2 Marge

Nakedman Moleskin

  • Prayers out for Mayor Flip and his 8th Graders, chaperones, and teachers
  • Prayers of thanksgiving and praise for the release of Baby Leonidas from NIC-U.  He’s home and growing!  Continued health and happiness.
  • Safe travels to Goose (formerly Jetstream)  Renamed due to his noggin’ busting, canopy strike during jump ups on Tuesday.




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