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F3-Cleveland | March 22, 2019

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Crime and Punishment at Breaksville

  • When: 03/06/18
  • QIC: Haskell
  • The PAX: Mayflower, Voulez Vous, Trunchbull, Denaro, Haskell


5 men met in the gloomy, cold March morning and Haskell led them around the AO just to go up and down some steps.


Begin with the customary lap around the lot looking for lone stragglers limping in.  Seeing none, we proceed to Carioca facing the school, then flip.  We stopped at the foot of Voulez Vous’ ramp.

25 x SSH

30 x Turn-and-bounce

15 x Windmills

3 x Slow-count merkins

Mosey to the back of the school for:

The Thang

Start with 5 burpees and then 5 burpees for a false start then a sprint to next lamp post

Mosey to Picnic area for

20 x Dips

20 x Incline Merkins

10 x Decline Merkins

10 x Single Leg Step ups



Mosey to next lamp post

superman/banana x 5

mosey to parking lot

20 x Ski-jumpers

20 x cross-jumpers

reverso 20 x cross jumpers the other way

mosey to steps for


Spiderman merkins up to first level

Incline merkins up to top

Decline merkins down

Mosey to More merkins

Stop for Uneven Merkins x 10 on the curb flap-jack

Mosey to Mary

20 x LBC

20 x Flutter Kicks

20 x Low Dolly

homer to marge


Silent-Jacks x 5

5 x Burpees for not stopping together

Silent-Jacks x 7

Silent-Jacks x 7.5

5 Burpees for not stopping together

Nakedman moleskin

Looks like Next Wednesday will be out newest work out.  Come on out for some block work!





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