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F3-Cleveland | May 22, 2019

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3 men in the AO

  • When: 02/06/18
  • QIC: Haskell
  • The PAX: Voulez Vous, Trunchbull, Haskell

19° at 0530 launch.  Three men holding each other accountable because we know what the secret sauce is to success.  It is the work we put in before work.  It is the silent morning gloom while the snow is still falling.  It is the ice covered AO, glistening in the darkness.  It is the brotherhood calling us to be better than we were yesterday. AYE!  It is all three F’s pulling us out of the fabled fartsack.



Long mosey to Voulez Vous hill-top for

SSH x 50

Cotton-Pickers x 30

Turn and Bounce x 20

Arm-circles x 60 seconds

Mosey to==>

The Thang

run to first lamp for 5 Burpees

run to second lamp for 10 Burpees

Pit-stop at picnic tables for

Dips x 20

Incline Merkins x 20


run to third lamp for 10 merkins

run to fourth lamp for 10 wide-merkins

run to fifth lamp for 10 close-merkins

run to sixth lamp for 10 diamond-merkins

run to corner of parking lot for

Squats x 20

Air-Press x 50

run to next corner

Squats x 20

Air-Press x 50

run to parking lot intersection

Squats x 20

Air-Press x 50

Move to wall for

People’s Chair x 30 seconds


Mosey to guard rails for

Dips x 20

Slow-Incline-Merkins x 20


Mosey long way back to


LBC x 50

Mason Twist x 30

Upward Dog x 30 seconds

Child-pose x 30 seconds

Upward Dog x 30 seconds

Lower back stretch right-leg up x 30 seconds


Lower-back stretch to the right x 30 seconds


Naked-Man Moleskin

  • TAPs for our travelers whether they be family or PAX
  • Trunchbull with the Q on Thursday
  • Prayers for those with cancer and those waiting for diagnosis… please be healed and let it be nothing to God

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