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F3-Cleveland | March 20, 2019

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Mill Road Pole Work

There was some confusion as to whether I would Q or if the return of Haskell would mean he was Q’ing.  After some debate (you can, no you can, no YOU should, you brought the SF… yada yada yada)  Mayor Flip had the Q.


Mosey to SLED Guard Rails for:

SSH x 36

Turn and bounce x  22

Cotton Pickers x 20

Hammy stretch 10 count

Mosey to Hilton Playground

5 pull ups and five toe to Bar -repeato

Step-ups on benches at school 8 step UPS left leg 8 step-ups right leg

Mill Road gauntlet. Each telephone pole stop and do the following. First poll 5 burpees second Pole 10 lunges third pole 15 merkens North Pole 20 air squats. Repeat until you get to Board of Ed Drive.

Wait for 6. Plank while wait

Mosey 2 guard-rail- 24 dips incline merkin negatives -repeato

Indian Run to Pavilion for rock work. 20 squats with rocks 20 Rock presses. Pull-ups under Pavilion on your own

Back to Mary.

Peter Parker’s x 20

Spidy push ups x 5.

Crunchy frog x 20

low flutter x 20

Homer to Marge x 5


Michael Tartara

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