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F3-Cleveland | March 20, 2019

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T-Day Downpainment

  • When: 11/23/17
  • QIC: Haskell
  • The PAX: Klinger, Scrooge, FNG Dennis aka "The Menace", Mayor Flip, Voulez Vous, Brownbelt, Trunchbull, Haskell

8 Dedicated posted for their Thanksgiving Day Downpainment and some 2nd F coffeeteria.  5 Breaksville faithful, 2 Toledo masochists, and an FNG from Akron headed into the gloom thankful for the motivation to beat the fartsack and shake their fists at a chilly 29°.

Mosey-rama-round-the-lot (Mosey, high knees, butt kickers, carioca, franken-walks)


48 x SSH

32 x Turn and bounce

21 x Cotton Pickers

The Thang

Mosey to the Baseball Bleachers

10 x Pull ups

10 x Chin-ups

10 x Squats

Mosey to Bottom of Hill of Sled

on the way…

5 x Duck-unders (ducking under the rope fence)

5 x Walk overs (High-step over rope fence)

Guard Rail for

20 x Dips

Mosey to bottom of SLED for

quadraphilla up to 1st tier

OYO 10 burpees

quadraphilla up to 2nd tier

40 x LBCs

Mosey to Painpark

10 x Pull ups

10 x Chin ups

10 x Squats


Mosey back to guard rail for

20 x Dips

20 x Incline Merkins


Serpentine quadraphillia up to baseball bleachers for

10 x Pull ups

10 x chin ups

10 x squats

then down the ladder from 7

7 x pull ups down to 1

7 x chin ups down to 1

7 x squats down to 1

then back up from 1 to 5

Mosey back to SF for Mary


Mary Medley
38 x LBCs

32 x Low Flutter

5 x Homer to Marge with a couple drunken Marges thrown in

34 x Low Dolly

30 x Variable speed Mason Twists

Nakedman Moleskin

  • Must say, YHC is proud to report and very thankful to hear a BS call from PAX during the second round of quadraphillia.  (hat tip: Mayor Flip)
  • YHC notified PAX that he will start a Ruck workout on Monday’s and Fridays.  YHC still thinks he’s rucking crazy because the last thing he wants to do is an hour with a heavy bag on his back.
  • Happy birthday wishes to Mayor Flip’s 2.0
  • Good work this AM PAX
  • Thank you Trunchbull for picking up the bill!  Not Necessary but Always Appreciated
  • Hope to see “The Menace” posting in the future (I still think we should have named him with a word that rhymes with Dennis 🙂 )







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