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F3-Cleveland | March 22, 2019

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FNG Saturday Back-Blast

  • When: 11/04/17
  • QIC: Schottemheimer, Magoo, Haskell
  • The PAX: So-crates, Spoon, Singlet, Ferris, Buchanan, Vinny, Patton, Tommy Boy, Kahuna, Schottemheimer, Magoo, Haskell, Mr. Kotter, Keaton, Alexander, Stretch, Patriot, Flamingo, Dino, FNG Craig Lucas

20 men including 2 FNGs met in the gloom for a Tri-Q Cuyahoga Heights exploratory.  We found something that everyone said was a hill, so we named it “The Wall.”

editors note: Being an FNG Saturday and having 2 FNG’s was good but We’ve got nowhere to go but UP from here! ABH!!!

Haskell with the Warm-up and disclaimer

40 x SSH

30 x Cotton Pickers (North-country call them “Through the Bridge” or “Under the Bridge”-Knowledge)

30 x Windmills

20x Merkins

The Thang

Mosey to the track

200 meters back-peddle

200 meters reg-u-lar

Turn 1 – 40 x Air Squats

200 meters caraokie right face


200 meters caraokie left face

Turn 2 – 40 x LBCs

Quick mosey 400 Meters

40 x Air Squats

100 x Air-Presses

Move to Cement Steps

Bunny hop to the top

Mosey back down


Tag and Magoo is Q

LOOOONG Mosey to “The Wall” (Whoever said this is a hill… MAYOR FLIP…)

At quaint cul-de-sac at bottom of “The Wall” 20 x Merkins

Climb “The Wall” to the top for 10 x Burpees


Looooong Mosey back to football field

Tag and Schotty takes over

7’s (Or merkin/squat ladder)

6 Merkins -5,4,3,2,1

sprint across to other side line for

1 Air-Squats 2,3,4,5,6

Lunges to the H

One round of Guantanamos

Sprint Back to Sidelines for

Partner 1 Plank, Partner 2 10 x Jump-over burpees

30 x Iron cross


Bear-crawl to other side-line

Sprint back

Lunges to the Pirate

Schottie’s rotating circle of pain aka “Kramer Shuffle” (shuffle to the right, OC “HIT-IT” drop for burpee, then up and shuffle to the left,  OC “HIT-IT” drop for burpee, then up and shuffle to the right x5 ish


Partner throw-downs x 10





  • 20 strong (19 one left a little early)  Prayers for those recently diagnosed with cancer.
  • Coffeeteria at L.A. Pete’s in Independence, good showing
  • Two FNG’s ala Singlet!  We’ve add Spoon and So-crates to this F3 Brotherhood





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