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F3-Cleveland | March 22, 2019

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Saturday Morning Bricker Madness Backblast

  • When: 10/28/2017
  • QIC: Magoo
  • The PAX: Patton, Kahuna, Vinny, Dino, Magoo

Apparently a great party was had last night as only a few brave men posted for a Saturday morning beatdown in my absolutely least favorite weather conditions (sub 40’s and rain). I imagine some of you are just awakening now…Kudos to Patton for running 3 miles solo prior to the official beatdown. In the week of Dino’s 2 year anniversary, I was planning on repeating the bricker from 10/24/15 when Dino was an FNG but when the workout started and it was just Kahuna, Patton and myself in the parking lot, we chose a different path still including some of the items from that workout.

5 PAX met Magoo for:

The Thang:

Track lap followed by 10 Burpees, pick up Vinny and repeato, then a mild warm up with arm circles, SSH, IW, CWAnother track lap with serpentine and mosey to benches/locker room (welcome Dino) for step ups/dips/derkins x 2Mosey to S. Goal line for 1000/100.1000yds/100 Merkins: (Run 100 yds, 10 Merkins, repeato x 10, different Merkins each time)

  1. Original Merkins (OGM’s)
  2. Spidey Merkins
  3. Diamond Merkins
  4. Walking Merkins
  5. Perfect Merkins
  6. Legs stacked, staggered hand Merkins
  7. Military Merkins
  8. Wide Merkins
  9. Bodybuilder Merkins
  10. Pop-o-matics

Indian run lap

S. Goal line for mini-brickercide: 10 yd frog jump, back to goal, 20 yd lunge walk with curls, back to goal, 50 yd sprint, back to goal 6


Fred Merc, Magoo twist, Cruchy frog, GMT, Hippie dips, Banana Hammocks, Superman, Phelps


  • Prayers for those battling cancer, especially those women/friends/family with breast cancer.
  • Prayers for the athletes competing in the Holy War today.
  • Vinny led a prayer for the 4 of us that posted (still not sure which among us he was not counting?).
  • Next Saturday workout at Cuyahoga Heights High School- trying to reach out to others on east side or in Independence/Parma areas, etc. Time to put the EH on your friends and get them to post at 7 am next Saturday. For those that stay at RRHS, you need to step up and find a Q.

Thanks for posting,Magoo


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