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F3-Cleveland | March 22, 2019

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HEC Week 1, Day 1: Cutting some fat

  • When: 10/30/17
  • QIC: Haskell
  • The PAX: Haskell, Trunchbull, Singlet

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Time to shed the comfort foods!  Note, you’re permitted 1 (ONE) cheat day in case your body rebels.  Cheat days are not a license to eat every banned item on the list.  It is meant as a day to add one item or dessert as a means to reward yourself for a job well done!  (That’s how I view it anyway.)  So.  That being said, I’m off to a rocky start.  It doesn’t help when your 2.0’s and your M demand you bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies the night before the HEC starts.

Breakfast: 4 Chocolate Chip cookies and 1/2 pot black coffee (I’m done cheating for the next two weeks, my CCC’s are irresistible, we’ll be sending my portions to the neighbors next door.)

Lunch: 2 apples and 3 Tbsp’s of Peanut Butter 12 Oz of Water

post-lunch: 32 Oz water

Dinner Plans: Some Spinach salad, maybe with some Tuna or Salmon, no dressing and more water (definitely NOT the left-over pizza and beers, definitely NOT that!)

Bed-time snack: just to prevent me from waking up and chewing off my own arm: an apple and some more water.  The water is just to ensure I post in the morning.

Note:  I find if I drink 32 Ounces of water before each meal I eat less.

If you do well, maybe you’ll get one of these fancy things!!! (oh and a 6 pack or at least be able to see your toes again!)

I have a body fat scale.  This will help me track my body fat %.  This type of scale is recommended and fairly inexpensive.

Week 1 (and on)

No Fried Food
No Fast Food (inc. Pizza)
No processed snacks like Potato Chips, Candy Bars, Etc. (a post will be coming with good alternatives)
No Dessert
No Sodas or Sweet Tea
No Cheeses (including shredded, feta, or slices. Get it off your sandwiches and salads)(Cottage cheese will be allowed)
No Cream Based Sauces/Dressings (This Includes Fat Free Options for Ranch, Caesar, Alfredo, Etc.)

This leaves many food and drink items available – no one will go hungry! Just eat/drink better.
You will receive ONE free pass per week – this could be a steak dinner, a pizza, etc. – no carryovers though, the pass can only be used that week – try to use your weekly pass in moderation.


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