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F3-Cleveland | May 22, 2019

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Back Blast 10.19.17 Breaksville

  • When: 10/19/17
  • QIC: Trunchbull
  • The PAX: Haskell, Mayor Flip, Voulez Vous, Trunchbull

Disclosure:  Trunchbull’s VQ – “I’m slow and fat and not a professional.”  Let’s get it.


Mosey to concession stand

SSH IC x 25

Cotton Pickers IC x 25

Leg Kicks IC x 12

Turn and Bounce IC x 15

The Thang:

Cinder Blocks

Squat pushes IC x10

Curls IC x10

Squat presses IC x 10

Presses IC x 10

Recover walk to goalline with blocks

Zombie Walk and Twist

Flying 20’s (accel to 20, sprint from 20 to 20, de-accel from 20 to goal)

1 lap around football field


Mosey one lap back to blocks

Block swings OYO x 10

Block SLDL OYO x 10

Burpees OYO x 10


Mosey to Mary

LBCs IC x 25

Flutter kicks IC x 25

Homer to Marge x 5


Michael Phelps

Count – Name-o-rama – COT

Please send your prayers for a former student of Mayor Flip and Trunchbull who passed away unexpectedly this weekend at the age of 22

We are blessed to be able to Post with others that makes us stronger.

Mrs. Trunchbull, SIR



  1. Haskell

    Great VQ Trunchbull! Look forward to more of the same!

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