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F3-Cleveland | May 22, 2019

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MF Beatdown in the Gloom

  • When: 10/17/17
  • QIC: Mayor Flip
  • The PAX: Trunchbull, Brownbelt, Dr. Jekyll, Haskell, Voulez Vous, Half Dome, Mayor Flip

7 PAX met for a brisk walkabout this AM.

Mosey to the Board of Sled for warmup

x40 SSH

x30 Windmills

x30 Air Press-Squats


Mosey down hills

x10 Step ups Left leg

x10 Merkins


x10 Step ups Right leg

x10 Merkins

Mosey to the pain-ground

x10 Air Squat

x5 Pull ups


Mosey to bottom of the Hill of Sled


Partner1 carry partner2 to level one

Partner1 x5 leg throw down center x5 left x 5 right

Switch partner

Partner2 carry partner1 to level one

Partner2 x5 leg throw down center x5 left x 5 right

Mosey back to start for Repeato

Mosey to road to sled

20x20x20 back to Mary

(Sprint, Jog, Walk- repeato)


x30 Crunchy Frog

x30 Mason Twist

x30 Low Flutter

x30 Low Dolly

x15 Burpees


x10 Burpees

x15 Crunchy Frog

x15 Mason Twist

x15 Low Flutter

x15 Low Dolly

x5 Burpees

Finished with some downward dog into upward dog… felt like Tony Horton brought us out of the beatdown!

Chilly-man moleskin

  • Reminder to the PAX, let’s get together and go over some of the boring stuff
  • Don’t fear the Q, be the Q (we’ll ensure success!)


Michael Tartara

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