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F3-Cleveland | March 22, 2019

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BackBlast 10/12/17 Gazelles

7 men posted for a gloomy morning beatdown.  Started in the gloom and ended in the gloom.  Proud of these boys who pushed hard to the end.

PAX: Mayor Flip, Voulez Vous, Haskell, Trunchbull, Matt Duraj (FNG), Tim Dollard (FNG) and yours Truly Q-ly.

The Thang:  Mosey to the far end of the field for some F3 explanation and warmups SSH, Walker Bros, Merkins x30.  Burpee mile (4 laps with 10 burpees in the starting end zone. 7s run 30 yards, 6 merkins, back 30 1 squat, 5-2,4-3,3-4,5-2,6-1) Bear burpecide (10 yards Bearcrawl, run back to goal for 1 burpee, 20-2,30-3,40-4,50-5) Iron cross hopovers, 50 yard sprint, repeato, 5 burpee penalty flag for offsides by Voulez Vous. Double nickel merkins, Karaoke 50 yards, Karaoke back, Archibald (20 squat jumps, 15 lunge Jumps, 15 squat jacks, Al Gore, 20 squat jumps, 25 monkey humpers). mosey to parking lot

6MOM, Freddy Merc, Merc Fred, crunchy frogs, sit up v-ups and one other, I can’t remember. Superman, Michael Phelps.

BOM Trying to unify F3 websites in NEO. Prayers for Vegas, Cali, Family of Voulez Vous work associate who passed at 60, all cancer victims, survivors, caretakers, friends and families.  Lift them up.

On Q: Two people: Gazelles and Future Gazelles.  When I started as a future Gazelle I was winded after every workout and couldn’t keep up.  Keep posting, Keep Pushing yourself.  You against you. Two responsibilities, Q must work the Gazelles, Gazelles must work themselves. Up to you to get the best work out you can. Future Gazelles, modify, adapt and do as much as you can until you are doing it all. Only way to get there is to push yourself.  You all did a great job of working this today!!

Barry Gluntz

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