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F3-Cleveland | March 22, 2019

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Building a stadium

  • When: 10/10/17
  • QIC: Haskell
  • The PAX: Half-dome, Millennium, Buchanan, Haskell, Mayor Flip, Voulez Vous, FYROM (pronounced fee-rom, roll the r…), Trunchbull, Magoo

9 skeptical PAX posted and saw 8 new cinder blocks behind YHC’s POV. Once again thanks to our brothers from Rocky River for making the trek to the South-side!

We began with a cinder block slow mosey to our new brickyard.

Block Press x 6 from parking area to Brickyard.


Mosey back for half dome, circle up for:

50x SSH

30x Wind Mills

30x Cotton Pickers

30x Turn and Bounce

2x 1 minute arm circles little to big-reverso

The thang

Mosey to turn 1 for 10x Burpees

Sprint to turn 2 for 40x LBC’s

Mosey to Turn 3 for

20x AirSquats and 60x Airpresses

Sprint to Turn 4 for some block work

20x Chest Press

20x Military Press

10x Curls (then AMRAP while two pax go flip the tire) Seemed that the PAX took charge and subbed in some dead-lifts or presses or block squats as they saw fit…)

Band Bleachers for 10x Step-ups

mosey to home team stadium bleachers

Stairway to heaven…

touch every step up the left-side

touch every step down the right-side

move to next section repeato 3 more times

Plank at track level, when all pax are gathered

Cac-a-lac-a choo choo x2 (evidently the Nation refers to these as Chilly Broad jumps referenced here at bottom of page 4)

Mosey to Turn 2 for 40x LBC’s

Mosey to Turn 3 for

20x AirSquats and 60x Airpresses

Sprint to Turn 4, put away blocks

Mosey to Mary


30x Mason Twist

5x Homer to Marge

30x Low-dolly (Yes/No’s)

20x ‘W’s

20x Crunchy Frog


Naked-Man Moleskin

  • Mumblechatter is growing… favorite thing heard this morning: Mayor Flip sez “Half dome?  Ha ha ha… that’s got to be one of the funniest names I’ve heard!”  Half-dome arrives… Mayor Flip sez “OMG, we were roommates!!!”  Small world, seeing how he’s another Rocky River EH for Brecksville!
  • Good work today, second favorite thing heard from the PAX:  “It’s already time for Mary?”
  • Don’t be afraid to Q.  You come with the plan, the PAX will provide the sweat, and your friendly neighborhood Q-guide will provide assistance!
  • Always Be EH’ing

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